What type of container to choose for your move abroad?

Are you personally moving or relocating your company’s offices abroad? Discover here moving tips to move your goods by sea with confidence and without stress. Whether you are moving a company or a private individual, you can call on our international moving company which will organise everything from A to Z for your container.

HDA Services Sàrl accompanies you for removals in Switzerland or for international removals!

Packing is a crucial step in the international move and must be rigorously organised and prepared. If you are planning to move to another continent, an island or to the French Overseas Departments and Territories, it is almost certain that you will have to carry out your move by sea. And this is true whether it is a move for professional reasons or not,

During this type of trip, your personal or company business will be travelling a lot. This is why we strongly recommend the container packing solution.

Ideal for storing a large quantity of goods, the container also prevents theft or loss of objects due to the numerous trips.


The container is a metal box designed for the transport of goods generally used by sea. The boxes have a roof and rigid closed walls. This ensures the safety of goods for deliveries by inland waterway.

There are different types of containers with different storage capacities and dimensions. The most common is certainly the 20-foot long sea container with a maximum storage capacity of 28 tonnes between 30m3 and 33m3.

Another popular container format is the 40-foot long container. It is capable of storing approximately 26 compressible tonnes between 65m3 and 66m3.


If you have opted for the groupage or full container solution, here are a few tips for packing your goods and optimising the space in the container. You can indeed load furniture, cars, motorbikes, furniture (furniture, sofa, bed…), as well as large boxes into a container… To fill your container as well as possible, we advise you to equip yourself with packing material, such as straps, cardboard boxes, adhesives… Also, it is preferable to wedge the heaviest objects on the floor and at the bottom of the container.

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