We get rid of all your bulky items tanks to our Clearance service in Geneva

Do you want to clean up your interior and get rid of some of your unwanted belongings, bulky items and debris? Our removal company also specialises in the removal and sorting of all types of waste, for private individuals and professionals. It offers a clearance service in Geneva and Lausanne.

We sort all kinds of waste for optimal recycling and give everything that deserves a second life to associations.

We offer this clearance service for individuals as well as for professionals.

Don’t waste your time and call on HDA Services.

Thanks to a competent and serious team, we can intervene quickly and efficiently. With great respect for the environment, we will dispose of what you no longer want at very advantageous rates.


What you want to get rid of, HDA Services takes it away.

You can call on us for this clearance service in a variety of situations:

  • For professionals: we clear PMEs, offices, factories, industrial and commercial premises, warehouses, restaurants, workshops, etc.
  • For private individuals: we clear your flat, house, villa, pavilion, garage, box, cellar, attic, etc.

After a room has been completely cleared, we are of course at your disposal for a thorough cleaning. We also provide a full DIY service for all your small jobs.

HDA is at your service because our mission is to make your life easier.

Contact us for a personalised solution and a price that suits your situation.