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Free yourself from worry and hassle through
our one-stop relocation service!

Managing a relocation journey from origin to destination has been one of the more stressful and difficult things to accomplish in life. It usually involves searching and getting in touch with many different providers from different sources.  

HDA Services brings you the world’s first International Relocation Platform. Get invited for free, onto your very own relocation platform. The platform is a digital way of handling and settling your other relocation needs. Check out all the possible services you might be needing for your relocation journey. Get quotes from a curated pool of origin and destination relocation service providers. All done from one source and digitally! 

Access our global network of curated relocation services in:

Immigration & Visa

Immigration & Visa

School Search


Home Search


Household Cleaning


And many more…

Efficiency & Transparency

Our one-stop solution provides you with attentive relocation experts and easy-to-use dashboards, allowing you to consult and customise your journey plan while having full visibility into costs and progress of your relocation journey. 


Global Network

Get access to a global network of curated relocation services from Immigration & Visa, International School Search, Pet Relocation, to Short-term Accommodations.  

With a team of experienced experts at every step of the global relocation process, be rest assured that every of your relocation concerns will be alleviated by our experts. 

How it works?

1. Click on “Start your relocation journey here” and submit your details

2. Activate your account instantly and receive a welcome email to our relocation platform

3. Get contacted by your dedicated relocation advisor, aka “Relo Buddy”, who is ready to assist you on your relocation needs from start to end

4. Log in and discover the relocation services available on the platform

5. Submit quote requests and make payments directly to the service partners via the platform

6. Track your relocation progress at one glance

HDA Services is your one-stop relocation solution dedicated
to free you from the hassle of relocating

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