COVID-19 measures, your safety is our commitment

COVID-19 protection plan for HDA Services Sàrl.

The current sanitary situation is a real challenge for everyone.

HDA Services undertakes to accompany you in your moves, doing everything possible to ensure your safety.

The protection plan that follows describes the measures put in place by HDA Services to reduce the risk of the virus spreading as much as possible. The current situation requires us to rethink some common gestures that are part of our job. We have to adapt in different situations to respect the letter of the new regulations. These guidelines are scrupulously followed by our teams and implemented as soon as we meet with the client.

Ground principles

HDA Services’ protection plan must ensure that the following basic principles are respected. Appropriate measures must be provided for each of these guidelines based on the Ordinance on measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic in special situations (Ordonnance COVID-19 situation particulière).

  • Compliance with the FOPH’s hygiene measures
  • Social distance: 1.5 m distance respected (if distances cannot be respected when travelling in a vehicle), wearing the mask is therefore essential.
  • Contact tracing. If a member of our staff tests positive for COVID-19, all persons with whom they have been in contact will be notified and asked to be tested as well.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for staff when travelling by public transport.
  • Persons showing symptoms of illness must take account of the specific prescriptions of the FOPH.
Hygiene measures

Basic measures

  • All staff must wash their hands every hour and disinfect them regularly.
  • The staff must dispense with the traditional handshake.
  • Staff are reminded to cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or elbow to limit spread.
  • It is important to maintain the 1.5 metres of distance and to wear the mask.
  • In our offices the number of people allowed at the same time is limited to 4 people in order to respect the required distances.

Anticipation and Tracing

If one of our staff members feels any signs of illness, they are asked to perform a coronavirus self-assessment or call a doctor. At the end of the questionnaire, they will receive a recommendation on what to do, possibly carry out a test. It is imperative that while waiting for the results, he stays at home.

If the test is positive, he will have to stay at home and follow the isolation guidelines. All other staff and clients with whom he or she may have been in contact are notified and must also be tested. All interactions between our staff and clients are recorded and therefore allow us to contact them as soon as possible and inform them of the situation.

Duty to inform
  • All members, customers, participants and spectators of the events must be informed of the adaptation, respectively the application of the protective measures.
  • The FOPH poster “Here is how to protect ourselves” is displayed and visible to all staff.
  • Our staff have also been given instructions on how to wear masks.

For any other information relating to COVID-19, please visit the site of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

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