The wardrobe is the piece of furniture that is most often replaced after a move.

The wardrobe is the piece of furniture that is most often replaced after a move.


Did you know that, statistically speaking, a wardrobe is the piece of furniture that is most often replaced after a move? Probably, because dismantling a wardrobe without breaking it is complicated, it is expensive to transport, and its size is often not adapted to its future location.

So choose a new designer wardrobe to furnish your new home with taste and elegance.

The wardrobe is a must in modern furnishing.

The wardrobe, whatever its style, is an important part of the furnishing of a house. It is indispensable for interior storage and is an important decorative element. Therefore, when choosing a wardrobe, it is important to combine functionality with decorative furniture. The many storage possibilities it can provide optimise the use of space within a room. After all, the wardrobe is an anti-clutter solution. It allows you to place personal and intimate items that you want to keep out of sight. Designer wardrobes usually have clean lines that attract attention, while bringing a modern touch to the whole room.

A piece of furniture for every room

As old as the bed, the table and the bench, the wardrobe is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. It can be found in the majority of rooms in the house, from bedrooms to offices, kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The choice must be made according to its use, its characteristics, and also the style of the interior so that it can be integrated into the decor. In a bedroom, for example, it is used as a storage and dressing room. In a kitchen, the selection must be oriented towards functional furniture. It must be able to hold crockery, utensils as well as various accessories such as tablecloths and towels. In a bathroom, the cupboard will be more discreet. Nevertheless, its usefulness should not take precedence over the space. In addition, the materials must be able to withstand the ambient humidity of the bathrooms.

How to choose a designer wardrobe?

The market is full of models, each one as captivating as the next, making it difficult to choose the ideal piece of furniture. Designer cupboards can be found in abundance in specialist shops and also in certain brands. Asking the right questions helps to define the criteria for making the right choice. A purchase of this kind can be seen as a long-term investment, which is why it is important to pay attention to the various elements before making a choice. Of course, the designer wardrobe must meet various characteristics corresponding to the room to be furnished. The dimensions of the cabinet must be suitable for the available square metres to prevent it from becoming too intrusive. The amount of storage space must be taken into consideration and adapted to its use. The design of the cabinet should match the room’s decor to harmonise the overall appearance.

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