As a remover, HDA Services carries out a precise technical study of your move and then offers you a tailor-made quotation. You will find more details on our site in this article. One of the special features of this service is that we carry out a detailed inventory, furniture by furniture, of your furniture. What is the reason for this? What is the purpose of this inventory?

Content of the inventory

The inventory carried out by our expertise presents five columns:

the name of the furniture (table, chair etc)
the quantity of this type of furniture
packaging: if specific packaging is required for this type of furniture (e.g. covers for mattresses or sofas, boxes for plates/glasses etc.)
disassembly: if the furniture is to be disassembled and reassembled
details: details about the furniture (weight, dimensions, fragility, presence of marble or glass)

We distribute the furniture per room, generally in the chronological order in which we visit your home during the technical study. The inventory does not, however, contain the volume of each item, for the reasons we will mention below.

Purpose of the inventory

The reason why HDA Services carries out such a detailed inventory is to be able to guarantee our clients a firm and definitive price based on this inventory, and not on a volume basis (although volume remains an important element in calculating the final price). Indeed, what matters to you as a private individual is to move any piece of furniture, regardless of its volume. Volume is a technical notion used by the remover, and it must remain so! This is why we do not indicate the volume of each piece of furniture on your inventory.

Thus, HDA Services, by offering you a furniture by furniture inventory, protects you against certain practices of unscrupulous movers who play with volume to achieve their ends.

In concrete terms, following the technical study, the HDA Services expert will send you a detailed inventory. You can then check it and validate that all the elements have been taken into account. In the event of a modification (furniture that you wanted to sell, for example, for which you have not found a buyer), you will have to notify this before the D-day. You will then avoid any problems with the movers.


Through HDA Services, you have access to the inventory of your belongings. You thus avoid problems of incorrectly assessed volume. And you stay serene for the big day!

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