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Moving abroad for homeowners

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International move. Are you ready to live the great adventure abroad?

For a private individual, moving to another city is already a great experience which requires, depending on the volume of belongings or the distance, more or less logistics and know-how (see moving within Switzerland).

An International move is therefore a real challenge.

The choice of the means of transport, the cost, customs formalities, packing, everything has to be studied carefully and in these cases you rarely do without a professional.

Have you considered the space in your new home compared to your old one? Will you be able to keep all your furniture or will you have to part with some of it?

Déménagement pour les particuliers

In any case, we are here to help you make the best choices. If necessary, we can also provide a service to remove old furniture that you no longer need.
We come to your home to assess the possibilities with you and offer you different options so that you can choose the move that best suits you.

We also carry out virtual visits in which we can remotely estimate the volume in m3 of your belongings. We assure you the best prices.

We also provide you with the possibility of cleaning your old home if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to contact HDA Services, your qualified partner for your move abroad.

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