Make you move way smoother

Planning your move in Geneva in the best conditions
To do this, here are several tips to help you in your process.
1 – Never accept an estimate over the phone.

This is why our team will come to your home to offer you the best service.

2 – Sort out the items you no longer need.

Call the Roads Department for your bulky items, or donate them to charities…

HDA also offers you a clearance service.

3 – Organize your belongings.

Write with a marker what is in your boxes and in which room they should be placed. This will help you find them quickly.

4 – Notify the various administrations and others of your departure

OCP, Swisscom, SIG…

5 – Think about the objects you will need during your move and put them aside.

Passport; Identity paper; Keys to your new address…

6 – Think about the renovation work before you move in.

Laying parquet flooring, electricity, painting…

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