When moving your offices, whether they are professional premises or company offices, it is necessary to prepare the event well in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. A company move, also known as a business relocation, is therefore also a work in progress. And to do this, you will need the knowledge of HDA Déménagement’s professionals.

The initial planning phase when you move your company offices

Moving offices is not just about moving furniture from one place to another. Indeed, many companies think that moving is just a logistical matter.

At HDA Déménagement, we don’t think like that. For us, moving offices is a thoughtful process. We provide advice and expertise to accompany you throughout the move of your professional or company offices. The accompaniment phase is therefore essential, particularly in estimating the necessary manpower. Be careful not to neglect the stage of the future establishment of the premises. It is important to know where to place a piece of furniture or an object so that you can set it up during the move-in phase. But once again, we help you with this!

It is important to note that a company office move temporarily paralyses the company’s activity and production. This is why it is important to delegate this operation to an experienced removal company. The moving company and its employees will lose less time and productivity. HDA déménagement has many years of experience in moving company offices!

We are used to preparing removals from business premises. If you wish, our movers will be involved right from the start, possibly including dismantling and, above all, packing, for example, desks, office chairs, computers and telephones and their electrical and connecting cables, decorative items, coffee machines, removable partitions or various open-space elements, archive furniture and books. In short, our team will take care of all your furniture, professional equipment and materials as well as your household appliances. With a wealth of experience in the field, our professional office removals experts will take care to prepare your move so that it goes smoothly, without wasting time and, above all, without breakage, the biggest worry of any company that moves.

Then comes the phase of putting your professional office move into action.

Once we have carried out the diagnosis, everything is easier with HDA Déménagement. When moving your offices, we don’t just move the furniture. All of our movers have the know-how to offer you human, material and technical solutions. Indeed, we are ready to deal with all the problems associated with moving premises. We carefully carry out the removal of heavy objects such as large offices, very fragile computer equipment or archives. Because yes, we are very well equipped to carry out a removal! High quality trolleys, packing and protection, you have nothing to worry about when you move with HDA Déménagement.

As you will have understood, at HDA Déménagement we have a global approach to the whole removal of your premises. Moving business or company premises is a whole process that requires strategy and organisation. We can help you with this! But there are also certain phases that should not be forgotten beforehand. For example, informing and preparing your staff, as this can also be a great upheaval for them as they see their landmarks changed. In addition to the employees, you also need to inform the customers about your move. This way, they do not find themselves back in a closed company without knowing it. In addition, remember to be well prepared for the inventory of fixtures so as not to have extra costs! Lots of little tricks that are necessary and that will promote the smooth running of the move of your premises.

We also accompany your employees during their move, domestiv moves in Switzerland or abroad, so don’t hesitate to ask us or to recommend us for this intervention.

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