Moving from Geneva to Zurich: the advantages of calling in a professional

Moving from Geneva to Zurich: the advantages of calling in a professional

Why should you call on the services of a professional mover?


A move can quickly turn into a nightmare because of a lack of preparation. There is a high risk of breakage of valuables, which can turn into a financial abyss. A professional mover is the best option. He carefully plans all relocation projects and guarantees the removal of valuables.

How to prepare a move successfully


The preparation of a move from Geneva -> Zurich requires the intervention of a professional, as the distance is quite long (280 km). In the case of a long distance, a single ticket is the best option. This allows you to make more savings. From the preparation of your belongings through the administrative procedures to the organisation of the move, your professional will take care of everything.
Relocation should not be taken lightly. This action requires know-how and experience. From packing to the grouping of furniture, through the supply of boxes to handling, the removal company takes care of everything. Also, you can choose between different offers in order to find the one that suits you best.

Why calling a professional?

Using the services of a professional mover allows you to take advantage of removal insurance, particularly for your valuables. Depending on the distance, the quality of your furniture and the size of your flat, his experience is required. From packing to unpacking, from loading to unloading, your furniture will not suffer any damage.
Your professional takes care of everything: dismantling the furniture, storage, packing, packing, transport, unloading and unpacking. In the event of loss or damage to your belongings, the removal company is obliged to replace them. Certainly, the services of a removal expert are the guarantee of a successful and flawless furniture transfer.

Moving Geneva Zurich: the cost

Like any other removal professional, your removal company will send you an estimate. This document allows you to calculate the volume of your belongings and to have a precise idea of the number of cubic metres to be moved. The greater the volume of boxes and furniture, the higher the cost of the move. The distance to be covered, the volume of the removal truck and the number of return trips have a major influence on the estimate.
For an overview of the cost of moving from Geneva to Zurich, it is recommended that you compare several quotes. It is also important to be aware of the different offers proposed by the mover. All these parameters ensure that the move goes smoothly. The estimate allows you to know precisely the cost of your move. It also lets you prepare yourself well to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the move.
The use of a professional will allow you to be prepared for all the expected expenses.