Moving: how do I choose the right furniture storage unit?

Moving: how to make the right choice of furniture storage?

When you carry out a removal, you often find leftovers of furniture and objects that cannot fit into your new home. In itself, this is not a real problem, but the concern is that these items may be important to you. To avoid throwing them away, you can put them in a furniture repository. But before you do so, you need to make sure you choose the right storage location.

Types of existing furniture storage facilities

Nowadays, there are many types of furniture repositories available on the market. Before choosing the right one with similar conditions as HDA Services Sàrl that will secure your belongings even if you are going far away, you need to know about these types of furniture storage space. In the first place, you have the traditional furniture storage. All you will have to do is sign a storage contract with the owner of the furniture repository and your movers will simply deposit your belongings on the premises. A storage fee is to be expected in this case. Next, you have “self-storage”, which allows you to rent boxes managed by specialised companies. You will then have an individual frame to store your belongings and secure them. Here, you will have to pay a monthly storage rent and hire a personal box. Then there are mobile boxes where your furniture will be sent by your mover to a storage box. You will just have to contact the storage company for delivery in case you need your goods to be deposited somewhere. And finally, you also have the crates for storing the furniture.

Selection criteria

First, you will need to see the size of the storage space. It must be adapted to the volume of goods you are going to store. In this case, be aware that the larger the size of the box you request, the higher the rental costs will be. Next, you should also note the duration of the rental. In this case, it is important to clearly define in advance how long you will be storing your goods in the box. If it is for a short period of time, a few months, the monthly rent can be quite expensive. If you prefer to take out a contract for several years, you will receive a discount. You should also look at the location and accessibility of the stall. Usually, the rent will be more expensive when you choose a stall that is on the ground floor and in a large city. This is because it will be more accessible. However, you should also choose this type of location if your stored belongings are also very important to you and you may have to look for stuff that you have collected on the premises from time to time. And finally, you have to consider the level of security of the location.

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