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Company relocation

Not only do HDA Services SARL carry out removals throughout Switzerland and internationally for private individuals, but we also handle Company relocation.

Whether it is around Geneva or anywhere in Switzerland, we transport all your tools and archives in the best possible conditions! Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, archive boxes… We have the necessary supplies to transport your furniture and files with peace of mind. We also handle international compagny relocation all over the world.

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HDA, your moving expert

Company relocation cover several stages: from the computer transfer to the reorganisation of your office furniture…

HDA Services follows your entire project, from cost analysis to the move, and also takes into account the specificities of your field of activity.

Changing offices implies fitting in with the constraints of the equipment.
For example, HDA Services takes care of the transfer of your production units as part of an industrial move.
Assembling, maintenance and refurbishing are also included in our services. This minimises the impact of the move on your business re-start.

As a removal company for professionals, HDA offers its services to other activities, such as the banking or hospital sector.
For research centres and health departments, our experts are trained for it and have a particular attention for scientific and medical equipment.
Hotels and tertiary sectors are also handled by our HDA throughout Switzerland and abroad.

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Some of your machines are bulky or even fragile? The corridors are too narrow to pass them? Is your new business premises located on the upper floors of a building? Contact us!

We have the right equipment for getting your furniture and equipment up and down, i.e. material lifts and furniture lifts. Our technicians are in charge of the operations.

A company move cannot be made overnight. Numerous constraints, social and administrative duties are the responsibility of both the customer and the moving company.

Formalities specific to certain situations must be completed. Specific contractual arrangements may have to be made with different partners.

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How does it work in practice?

Moving your premises requires different skills such as:

  • Preparing goods and materials for safe shipment
  • Manage precise labelling to identify the goods to be carried
  • To carry out delicate handling
  • Ensuring complex reinstatements
  • Implement return-to-service tests
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