HDA Services in partnership with goCaution
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When you move house, you are often faced with major expenses. The biggest financial challenge is to pay the deposit. This is often two to three months’ rent and is very demanding on tenants. If you add the first rent of the new flat, you often have to pay a considerable amount. Unfortunately, many tenants fail because of this barrier.

GoCaution in partnership with HDA SERVICES et Déménagements offers an alternative : 

we replace the usual rent and offer a rent guarantee for the benefit of the tenant and the landlord, without having to block the money. For tenants, this means easy access to a new living space thanks to a significant financial relief. For the landlord, the goCaution policy offers the same security as a conventional bank guarantee.


goCaution®Prime at no extra charge

Thanks to the goCaution rental deposit, you offer your landlord an alternative to the classic bank deposit and you will be able to dispose of your money again.
Offer yourself other things and use this money for your move instead of blocking it unnecessarily.

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The first 100% online deposit guarantee

In cooperation with GENERALI, goCaution offers the first online rental guarantee, which differs from previous offers through simple and streamlined processes. There are no unnecessary documents when submitting the application. goCaution does not charge any additional fees or administrative costs like conventional suppliers. You can apply and pay online in just a few steps. With our solution, we keep administration costs low and can offer the insured a cheap insurance premium. We also do not charge any additional costs such as administration or cancellation fees.

GENERALI as a reliable partner

Our rental deposit is guaranteed by GENERALI Allgemeine Versicherung AG. With more than 150 years of experience in the insurance sector and a FINMA licence in the security sector, GENERALI is already a leading provider of rental security guarantees. In Switzerland, GENERALI is one of the largest insurers on the market. In the event of a claim, goCaution will contact the tenant and the landlord. It ensures that claims are dealt with quickly.